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Blushing Blossoms Wall

An incredible mix of 30 different types of flowers and 6 different sorts of foliage, in various shades of pink, peach and cream colours. This stunning 3D style wall is amazingly realistic, with the highest quality silk and real touch flowers being used. A beautiful addition to any event.

Classic Ivory Wall

A beautiful classic flower wall. This elegant design consists of layers of peonies and roses in a range of creams and whites. The incredible real-touch Hydrangea provide an extra luxurious feel whilst providing a realistic 3D look. The perfect clean and classic backdrop for any occasion.

Mulled Berry Blooms Wall

​With over 25 different types of flowers and foliage, this wall is simply stunning. With elegant blends of pinks, deep reds, greens, purples and the touch of grey, it is sure to impress. The variety of roses, peonies, dahlias, berries and succulents (just to name a few!) that have been used, provide an amazing 3D style effect that will ensure to ‘wow’ your guests.

Blushing blossom
Classic Ivory
mulled berry


We aim to make our hire prices as affordable as possible. If what you are wanting doesn't fit in the categories below, please feel free to contact us to discuss other possible options.


4 hours hire = $450
Half day hire (6 hours) = $600
Full day hire (6-12 hours) = $700

Please note, if you would like the flower wall to be moved to a second location throughout the day e.g wedding ceremony to reception venue, this may incur a small extra cost.

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